Once Upon A Brow was created in 2014 afterseeing a huge growth in the popularity of eyebrows, the only thing was a particular style of brow was being done and it didn't suit every person. Being more of a natural person myself and liking the softer look I sought training from Brow Secrets International who are renowned for creating the most amazing brows. Using the TrueBrow System we fast became recognised for gifting perth ladies and gents incredible soft brows. 

Business was growing and I needed someone to help with the demand, but how was I going to find someone who was trustworthy and just as passionate as I am about brows and upholding the brand that I had worked so hard on, this is where Amy came in. . 

Amy learnt the art of brows also through Brow Secrets International and is building a growing client base. Amy is incredible at natural brow design and restoration and has a natural eye for creating the TrueBrow . I am beyond lucky to work alongside Amy.

The move from a home studio to a shop front location was fast approaching and it was a big step for me but my absolute dream, this had been my goal since I was 17. I was able to purchase a commercial property in the heart of beautiful Guildford. October 2018 I opened the doors to my studio, I am in the midst of learning to balance full time business with also being a mummy and wife but I am loving every minute.

I am forever grateful to the ladies and gents who support Once Upon A Brow, it means the absolute world to me. Amy and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you.

Rach xxxx